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Last summer I wanted to create a game with families in mind. Here were the requirements:

Corky’s-Porkys accomplishes all of this and more!

As I was working on different game models, my good friend mentioned an old farmer game his family has been playing for generations that a lot of people have forgotten about. The game was originally played with a pot lid and washers attached to the end of rope.

After hearing this concept we wanted to share this game with the world and recreate a game Farmers used to play. We added the Barnyard scene, collection of animals from other players, a VET Penalty, and Battle cards to add just the right amount of skill, risk, and reward needed to make this game a household favorite.

The last few months of developing Corky’s-Porkys have been an adventure of sleepless nights, mishaps, and monumental breakthroughs. Our family can now fully appreciate how simple genius can change the world in it’s own little way.

Now we have a game ready for the world that kids beg to play and parents enjoy!

It is important to hold onto our heritage and the games that got people through tough times.

We are excited for you to have as much fun playing this game as we have had creating it.

Thank you so much and can’t wait to ship.

-Colt Sampson

Risks and challenges

100% Sampson Family Money Back Guarantee!

- We promise you will get our quality product or your money back less the small Kickstarter and shipping cost.

- We have an experienced team of qualified professionals and we will make this happen.

- We have given ourselves plenty of time to produce and ship this product to your doorstep. The prototypes have already been printed and art work 90% completed.

- Any challenges that arise will be communicated to you in a timely manner with an action plan of how to overcome the challenge.

I. Prototype & Manufacturing:
The game you see in the video and the photos of the game shown are a prototype. The final product once manufactured may have small minor enhancements, but the overall look, artwork, and gameplay will remain the same.

II. Animal Collection Pieces & Stretch Goals:
In the video animal collection pieces were used. If Stretch Goals are unlocked this game will come with actual animal collection pieces based off of the featured animal artwork. If by chance the animal collection pieces are not unlocked, then animal collection cards will be used in their place. An example of these animal collection cards can be found in our Amazing Value section featured above.

III. Large Numbered Dice & Improved Math Skills:
In the video large traditional dice were used. Your copy of the game will come with upgraded large numbered dice specifically implemented to improve math skills. After playing the game with multiple groups of children and adults we found that using the actual numbered dice contributed more significantly towards improving math skills and number recognition than just traditional dotted dice.

IV. Official Corky's-Porkys Rule Book & Game Guide:
Along with your copy of the game there will be available to you the Official Corky's-Porkys Rule Book & Game Guide. This booklet will explain in detail the in's and out's of the game, recommended animal collection ratios, the rotation of Farmer Corky after rolling the dice, how to play Traditional and Barnyard Scramble Versions of the game, as well as any special gameplay situations. The Official Rule Book & Game Guide will be made available on our webpage along with online tutorials and examples of how to play.

V. Choking Hazard & Prevention:
There will be a pull cord connected to each animal and their barn. 2 large numbered dice. Also if Stretch Goals are met there will be 30 smaller animal collection pieces. We will ensure that this game meets all industry standards and regulations to prevent any choking hazard.

Welcome home Corky's-Porkys!

Our Promise...
Everything will be done with our family quality and money back guarantee in mind.

Our Goal...
To create a quality family game that lasts for generations.

Our Thank You...
Thank you Kickstarter and the Kickstarter Community for supporting us and making this game a reality!

Best Wishes,
Your Corky's-Porkys Team


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FREE exclusive download of Corky's-Porkys Character Art